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Hi, Delurkificationizing here

I'm rererererewatching all of the HP movies due to participating in POA sporkage, so I thought I'd actually post something here finally :)

1.) Name: ScarrrrrrrrRRRRlett

2.) Age: Old enough to know better than to expect good movies to come from great books

3.) How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? Since right after CoS (book) came out, and I have no idea when that was

4.) What was your overall impression of the Harry Potter films?
SS- Daniel Radcliffe irritated the hell out of me! And he still does! I think casting could have with minimal effort found someone better to play Harry than DR. Granted, most children can't act, so I shouldn't hold that against him, but could they not have stuck contacts in his fragile eyeballs and some hairspray in his perfectly neat hair? That is not HP, it is an imposter. My boyfriend who looks nothing like Harry looks more like him than "Dan" does. And where on earth is my "blonde beach ball"?
CoS- I actually found this the most bearable movie. I did hate how we could TELL that DR (he is NOT Harry Potter!) was speaking Parsletongue even when the camera was from his POV. And how we all saw him see Lucius Malfoy stick Riddle's diary in Ginny's cauldron. HP would have said something had HE seen that.
PoA- Just.. kill me. KILL ME. KEEELLLLL MEEEEEE. Hello idiot Lupin who is in love with Lily Potter. You though Harry's boggart would turn into Voldemort even after it, um, DIDN'T? Looks like "Dan"'s broom came a few days and a climax too late. And how do Lupin and Sirius know all about the Marauders' Map anyway? I know they didn't write it because they would have TOLD us if that were the case.
GoF- I'm sorry, I'm having difficulty believing that this movie was based on any book, let alone Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

5.) What elements in the films (SS, CoS, PoA) did you dislike the most? I didn't see this until after I wrote all that up there, so I guess my overall impression of the films could best be summed up with "bad".

6.) If you met Steve Kloves (the script writer) on the street, what would you do/say to him? Nothing, as I have no idea what he looks like and I'm non-confrontational anyway.

I had some other rant to go off on, but I totally forgot about it as this survey thing has consumed my mind.
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