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Hey Guys! I'm so glad that their are manyh people like me that don't like the HP films particualarly much.

1.) Name: Siobhan (Sio)

2.) Age: 14 (DOB: January 22nd 1992)

3.) How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? Since around the time GOF (book) was released, my brother brought home 1-3 one day and I realy enjoyed the books.

4.) What was your overall impression of the Harry Potter films? I don't mind them to an extent but sometimes they completely spoil briliant thngs JKR does. It's to hollywood. The werewolf transfomation was awful. plus many others.

5.) What elements in the films (SS, CoS, PoA) did you dislike the most? The Characterizations of Hermione and Ron, They go from being loyal Equal side kicks to Super! Hermione and Cowardly! Ron. Also they make it seem H/Hr which is so totaly not true. R/Hr Forever! :)

6.) If you met Steve Kloves (the script writer) on the street, what would you do/say to him? By a copy of all 4 books (That he's done the screenplay) ask him to sign them, then rip them up in front of him yelling "THAT'S WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO THESE wonderful BOOKS YOU MORON!!" In another scenario I would ask him if an obssession towards a Teenage Fictional character is healthy?

Did anyone hear about this: Emma Watson (Hermione) says that she just filmed a scene for Phoenix where she blasts Ron (Rupert Grint) and "slams him against the backwall with a spell" for making a patronising, sexist comment.
*groans* more Super! Hermione. and it isn't even Kloves writing the script.
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