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Another Disgruntled Canon Nazi

1.) Name: Gwen

2.) Age: 20

3.) How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? I think I read PS in 2000. I had a break for a while, and then read books 2 - 4 in a marathon. I'm now consistantly into the fandom.

4.) What was your overall impression of the Harry Potter films? My overall impression was one of shoddy workmanship and design. There are elements I like (such as the uniforms), but there are too many niggles for me to watch them comfortably. I find that the acting is fairly poor compared to the special effects and its fairly glaring.

5.) What elements in the films (SS, CoS, PoA) did you dislike the most? The portrayal of Hermione is completely off. Hermione is my favourite character in the series. I love her as she is: loud, bossy, neurotic, tough, independant and not especially pretty, but harbouring a certain charm. I do think that Emma Watson is a good actress (certainly better than Daniel Radcliffe XP), but she is not Hermione, and I hate how her pretty, girly, blonde image has been adapted by 'fans' as Hermione.

As I mentioned, the niggles. Harry's eyes are one of the most annoying: his eyes are a trait from his mother, and convey an identity. They are also symbolic in the context of the story (Tom's a Slytherin with red eyes, Harry a Gryffindor with green eyes...). That and other key symbolisms, certain scenes and character roles that were crucial to the story have been omitted, to the detriment of the stories.

I think if you're going to make a movie, you play it by the book. Oh, and the Hr/H shipping annoys me too.

6.) If you met Steve Kloves (the script writer) on the street, what would you do/say to him? Regard him with a degree of contempt, and remind him that if he liked Hermione so much, he wouldn't turn her into a pink toilet doily attached to Harry's hip.
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