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1.) Name: Amanda

2.) Age: 20

3.) How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? I read PS when I was 14, so 6 years now and still going strong :)

4.) What was your overall impression of the Harry Potter films? I remember watching the first movie and going WTF????? very loudly inside the theater as five minutes into the movie Hagrid turns to Harry and goes: "You're a wizard, Harry". That line just came completely out of the blue and really pissed me off. When I left the theater I started counting  all the ways I could kill Christopher Columbus.

Yeah, so I really really hated PS. CS was somewhat better. Can't stand thinking of PoA. GoF is by far my favorite. It's the a wonderful movie, but it's better than the other and Dan is just Harry in every scene. He's improved so much since PS. But I really didn't like that uplifting end. It has absolutely nothing to do with the book, I remember feeling like shit not so great when I finished that last chapter.

5.) What elements in the films (SS, CoS, PoA, GoF) did you dislike the most? Gah, not counting the things that are cut off (because that's just too much stuff), what I hate the most are changes like Scared!Ron, Squeaky-voice!Ron, Super!Hermione, way-too-old Sirius and Remus, Ginny not crying when she wakes up in the Chamber, Ron not standing up for Harry and Hermione, Sirius's screen time in GoF.... I actually can't remember much now because even though I have the DVDs, I don't watch it all that much because I just get frustrated.

6.) If you met Steve Kloves (the script writer) on the street, what would you do/say to him? I think I'd probably start laughing, because I'd remember this. And ask him why the hell he's so infatuated with Hermione.

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