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i know its a bit early to start Ootp ranting, but... Ugh!
I don't no if any of you have read it else where, but there will be no quidditch or (more importantly) any  "weasley is our king" storyline in Ootp

Bad news for those who are looking forward to a good grudge match in the Order of the Phoenix film next summer! We've been informed that there is no storyline in the movie surrounding Ron's Quidditch hardships, nor has there been any filming on broomsticks done by Rupert. We're led to believe that this means there will be no Quidditch in the fifth film at all. We hope to learn more soon!

this is an injustice. i thought now Kloves has gone to make a shrine to hermione,  that ron would have a chance. but clearly, this is not the case. *screams*  words cannot describe how much i hate the new script writer/director/whoever decided it would be a good idea to leave this out. its not a very time consuming storyline, you don't need to show  that much (if any) of the match! 

I really want to sit here and say i won't go see the movie, but its like a train crash, you really want to look away, but can't.

Weasley will ALWAYS be my king!


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