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erm -- hey

I couldn't resist joining this community.

1.) Name: Lauren

2.) Age: 17

3.) How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? I read the books for the first time in December of 1999. My friend Meg read them to me before that as we walked to school, and I was like "WTF is a Hufflepuff" when we played outside. :/

4.) What was your overall impression of the Harry Potter films? I've come to the conclusion that Warner Bros can't make films based on books [I saw Queen of the Damned, and I nearly died], so I saw the first one and I was like this is typical WB. Then I saw the second one, and I'm like "why do we keep drifting from the plot?" The third one was worse, and I have not seen the fourth one since I sat through it in theaters last year. In fact, the only one I really watch is the third one and that is to obsess over my weird Remus/Sirius shipping. :/

5.) What elements in the films (SS, CoS, PoA) did you dislike the most? Okay, you know what? I really liked John Williams. I liked when he composed the music. You shouldn't change composers in the middle of a series of films. It's not cool. That's a petty thing to hate about the movies though. Isn't it?

I absolutely hated Goblet of Fire. Like they're at the Quidditch World Cup and then BOOM! they're being attacked. What I hate about all the films is the running from action to action to action, no downtime to sit and reflect on what just happened. :/

I don't understand why Harry doesn't have green eyes. I don't understand why the Slytherins are in a lot of Gryffindor classes that I didn't think they were normally in. I don't understand Dumbledore after the old Dumbledore died. I miss the potions thing in PS.

6.) If you met Steve Kloves (the script writer) on the street, what would you do/say to him? I would put him under the Imperius Curse. Such a Harry Potter thing to say... Sigh.
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