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newbey! and a probably heard before, but i'll point out all the flaws again rant!

1.) Name:  H

2.) Age: 16

3.) How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? 
since the first movie (i.e the first movie made me want to read the books and after i read the first chapter of ps i realized how sup-par the films are)

4.) What was your overall impression of the Harry Potter films? 
when i watch them as just movies there ok. ss and cos i can live with, even though they overdid it with the cheese. poa i like and gof i hate.
When i watch as a harry potter fan i feel cheated and hard done by. i realize that they cant fit all the info in the books in, but give me a brake. i feel sick when i think about ootf. i like that book, so if they eff it up, heads will roll 

1)when they miss details out/add unnecessary details in:::ok kloves, say it with me, MARAUDERS. yes, you idiot marauders *pause*  oh so you do remember reading about them. so why the hell did you not put that story line in?!. r.i.p M,W,P,P long may you live on in every bookhp!fans memory.

and, wtf, may i ask was up with lilyloving!remus. just don't.get.me.started. that was by far the worst thing ever written in/acted out in all the movies. i dont no or care if  lilyloving! was added in by alfonso/steve or david. they should be shot.  that, along with lets-not-put-in-any-explanation-about-the-marauders-because-clearly-THAT-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-plot, is unforgivable. i was screaming on the inside when i realized that they missed out the marauders.

 also there was no explanation as to why snape hates M,W,P,P. he randomly enters the shack, points his wand at sirius and says "revenge is sweet". you could almost here the non book reader in the audience ask 'wtf did he want revenge for??'  *claps slowly* job well done there, kloves.
and all the snape/sirius stuff in Ootp is going to have no meaning/make no sence to anyone who has not read the books. and if they cut  the s/si storyline out, i think i'll lose faith in mankinds ability to translate relative subplots into storys

when they take important lines said by one character in the book *coughroncough* and give them to other characters in the movie *coughhermionecough* for no.good.reason!
 most  know the line i speak of, but i'll remind the others who don't

"if you want to kill harry you'll have to kill us to"

you know hbp when ron or hermione says something like "there was a time for us to turn back (from helping harry fight lv)" (don't have the book for reference. sorry) well ^^ that line was rons moment, his chance to turn back. it defined ron. i was so looking forward to rupert in that scene, because it was a chance for him to shine. but as per usual his part was underplayed.*grumbles* hermione has proved her loyalty on soo many other occasions. she didn't need that line!

3) most clothes/hair don't bother me, but hermione's love of pink has gone to far now. people, please cease giving Hermione anything pink to wear. its not becoming for her character.

4) wimpy!Draco. Um,so , Draco's nb when Hermione punched (its supposed to be a slap, the punch was so ooc for hermione!) him, was 3 books to early. he brakes down in hbp not poa. Felton is a good actor (i'm not a total fangirl) but draco is not done justice here

5) the fact them films are drifting further and further away from canon

 6.)If you met Steve Kloves (the script writer) on the street, what would you do/say to him?
who told you had the ability to write a script? yeah,well they lied.
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